data sharing.

Introducing RUBINLAKE – your new data network.

RUBINLAKE at a glance

RUBINLAKE is a data sharing platform, which connects data providers and consumers. We introduce data channels, which enable you to share real-time streams of files and events. Discover the data exactly suitable for your purpose with the powerful search engine and integrate it seamlessly into your systems or apps with RUBINLAKE's well documented open API. You can choose if the data you want to share is visible to everyone, to certain people, or only to you.


Go to market fast

You have valuable data but it is hard to share it in a consistent, secure and reusable way? Enable your network to build truly amazing apps and services based on your data with RUBINLAKE's production-ready APIs.

Scale automatically

RUBINLAKE is a flexible and extensible platform, designed to avoid the hassle and risk of managing big data infrastructure. It is built to scale, which helps your partners focus on work that matter to their business.

Files and events

With RUBINLAKE, you can share real-time streams of files and events. Events are, for example, machine and sensor data – a simple, powerful way to share structured or unstructured data with your customers, partners and systems.

Cloud security

Security is our highest priority. Our success depends on it. All data is encrypted on the server-side with a unique key. RUBINLAKE encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Data Marketplace

Our most anticipated feature is coming in Q3 2018. You will be able to sell or buy data on our network. Make your data work for you.

Developers first

We believe data sharing should be seamless and easy to integrate. This is why we eliminated needless complexity and extraneous details, so you can get up and running with RUBINLAKE in just a couple of minutes. Full API reference