Enabling data economy

RUBINLAKE is a data network and marketplace. We provide data streams to your network in a consistent, secure and beneficial way.

Make every bit of


Create data channels, send events and files from any source, and distribute data across your network.

Take control

Define who can access and manage your data with RUBINLAKE’s role-based access control (ACLs).


Find the data channels you need and integrate them seamlessly in your services, systems, or apps.

Unlocking the potential & monetization of data

Individuals, companies, researches & governments are spending hundreds of billions each year on buying, managing and maintaining data. Using data costs money but that data gets locked away in data silos behind walled gardens.

The problem is the way we think about data. Today, businesses own valuable data but it is hard to provide it in a consistent, secure and beneficial way. To move to the higher value uses and embrace advanced analytics, we need to lessen the impact of data silos on our businesses and make data easily accessible.

A data network & marketplace for the Internet of Things

RUBINLAKE provides data as a service that is accessed, processed, analyzed and traded by everyone who has a need for knowledge. We empower data seekers to find the right data and integrate it seamlessly into their analytics pipeline, services or apps.

Data providers can ingest huge volumes of data, without the hassle and risk of managing big data infrastructure. RUBINLAKE stores real-time streams of files and events from any source. All the data is directly available on the network to the users you shared it with and can be traded on the marketplace.

Developers first
RUBINLAKE is an open and extensible platform. Use our powerful REST API & SDK to ingest or consume data from anything connected to the internet: websites, apps, services, sensors, etc.

Grow with us

During the last two years we have built a scalable data network from scratch. In Q1 2018 we finally released RUBINLAKE and this is just the start of our journey.

RUBINLAKE is about passionate and highly skilled people and we want you to be part of it. If you are interested in building something great or you want to invest in our connected data-driven future, then let’s talk: contact@rubinlake.com