RUBINLAKE is a market intelligence platform designed to track and analyze any market and its companies with ease. We gather and analyze information from thousands of reliable sources. The automated platform empowers you with actionable intel. Stop competing, start winning.

The Challenge

The need for market intelligence is real.

Market landscapes become more dynamic as companies move forward with their digital transformation strategies. Currently, businesses have little insight into the movements of rivals or potential partners. How can you consistently trace and react to new market threats and opportunities in this complex environment? With RUBINLAKE you can mitigate risks, navigate your strategy to success, and invest cleverly.


More amazing discovered opportunities.

> 1000

Hours of time saved per month for manually collecting data.


More confident and informed decisions.


Missed fundamental landscape changes.

Our Features

Stop competing, start winning.

Company network

Company network

Discover hidden relations between companies, people, technologies, and more for structural insights and prospecting.
Industry benchmarking

Industry benchmarking

Benchmark the market position of companies and see how they stack up against the competition by rankings, financials, and social media.
News monitoring

News monitoring

Monitor news with our automated real-time news gathering process and stay up to date with the media coverage. Never miss important news again.
Job analytics

Job analytics

Monitor and analyze recruiting activities to gain valuable insight into the strategic focus of companies, their future investments, and technologies.
Financial data

Financial data

See the key financials of public and private companies, which metrics drive their growth, and how they performed over the years.
Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring

Find out how companies perform on social media with RUBINLAKE’s unified social media monitoring and analytics.

It's made for you

Drive strategic decisions.

RUBINLAKE is for Leaders


Improve your business strategy with comprehensive knowledge about your competitors at a glance.
RUBINLAKE is for Marketing


Increase acquisition and conversion rates with insights into what works and doesn’t work for your competitors.
RUBINLAKE is for Sales


Win more competitive deals with the latest content on your competitors and their business networks.
RUBINLAKE is for Product


Inform your development process with up-to-date intel on your partners and competitors.
RUBINLAKE is for Investment


Track emerging trends. Identify new partners or acquisition targets with our advanced search.

Our Commitment

Trusted and transparent insights.

We are on a mission to help our customers make better long-term decisions and financial outcomes by building a platform which makes market insights available to everyone. RUBINLAKE is created and solely driven by its founders, we succeed when our customers succeed.
We believe in:
  • Integrity, independence, and freedom from bias
  • Democratizing access to insights and data
  • Building a platform that puts customers first
  • Offering clear and simple pricing
  • Trusted Insights

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