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Company data

Company data

View exclusive information on millions of companies including news, job openings, financials, top competitors, and more. Know who is in your market.
Media monitoring

Media monitoring

Never miss important news again. Monitor news and stay up to date with the media coverage. Make data-driven decisions.
Job monitoring

Job monitoring

Monitor recruiting activities of your competitors or partners. Gain valuable insight into thier strategic focus, future investments, and technologies.


View financials of public and private companies. Evaluate their financial health over the years and know which metrics drive growth.
Market insights

Market insights

Benchmark the market position of companies and see how they stack up against the competition by rankings, financials, and social media.
Company network

Company network

Discover hidden relations between companies, people, technologies, and more for structural insights and prospecting.
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RUBINLAKE is for Leaders


Improve your strategy with comprehensive knowledge about your competitors, partners, or customers.
RUBINLAKE is for Sales


Identify, connect, and close deals. Sell more and reach your targets by knowing the market.
RUBINLAKE is for Procurement


Source the right deals. Make decisions that benefit your organization with data-driven insights.
RUBINLAKE is for Investment


Identify a home run. Close the right deals and grow your portfolio by analyzing companies and markets.

Our commitment

Open data. Best decisions.

We are on a mission to help our customers make better long-term decisions and financial outcomes by building a platform which transforms data into valuable information. RUBINLAKE is driven by its founders, we succeed when our customers succeed.
We believe in:
  • Integrity, independence, and freedom from bias
  • Democratizing access to insights and data
  • Building a platform that puts customers first
  • Offering clear and simple pricing
  • Trusted Insights

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