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RUBINLAKE provides business and technology research for all your challenging questions. We are committed to quality research, a comprehensive understanding of markets, and technology. With this commitment, we stay at the forefront of market developments, solve your problems, and help maintain your strategic advantage.

Our service

Work with our intelligence experts

Technology scouting

We discover technologies and products based on your custom criteria. We always find the solution best suited for your use case.

Research and analysis

Get an in-depth answer to your specific questions. With our data-driven market research and analysis, we provide reliable answers.

Reveal the bigger picture

We cut through the data overload and provide you with structured and actionable market insights. Stop competing, start winning.

Your benefits

Comprehensive answers in no time

In 28 days to success

We find the answer fast so that the question stays relevant. You receive your results in 28 days.

Fixed-price service

No hidden costs. You pay a fixed price no matter how hard it is for us to find the best answers.

Money-back guarantee

Test our service with no risk. We provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

How it works

A fully transparent process

Step #1: Kick-Off

Tell us all about your challenge in an on-site or online meeting. Together we discuss your requirements and set the goal for the next four weeks.

Step #2: Feedback

We discuss and prioritize initial ideas, opportunities, and findings. We implement your feedback and focus on the final delivery.

Step #3: Results

We present, discuss, and agree on the results. If something should be not in alignment with your strategy, it’s our job to fix it.


Get in touch with us. We are happy to help.

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