Unlock Insights

Use interactive dashboards to reveal the strategy and performance of companies.

Competitive Analytics

Company Network

Shows a company network diagram. Discover relations between companies, people, technologies, and more for structural insights and prospecting.

Market Position

Map the market position of the company compared to its key partners or rivals. Visualizing competitive positions provides a solid basis for strategy discussions.

Job Openings

Shows job opening information, as well as the seniority level or functional areas. This provides valuable insight into the strategic focus of the company.

Income Statements

Income statement data, including total revenue, income taxes, interest, and more. This provides a view on financial health which is one of the best indicators of long term growth potential.

Human Capital Statements

Shows the key data on human capital which represents a significant part of the company value. This helps you identify how the workforce is growing or declining.

News History

Shows a timeline representation of news publications. This gives you a detailed overview of the media coverage acquired from various sources.

Social Media KPIs

Find out how the company performs on social media. With a unified social media monitoring you can compare how channels develop over time.