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Find insights and facts in billions of data points transpiring online. Improve your decision-making process with RUBINLAKE, the market intelligence platform.

Insights feed

Your personalized feed.

Follow companies which matter to you and create your personalized following list. Get up-to-date intel in a handy feed for your business decisions.
  • Get instant updates in a handy feed
  • Never miss insights again
  • Let’s cut through the data overload
    Let’s cut through the data overload

    Company data

    Exclusive company data.

    View exclusive information on millions of companies and institutions including news, job openings, financials, top competitors, and more. Know who is in your market.
  • 24x7 monitored companies
  • All company intel in one place
  • Media monitoring

    Latest news in real-time.

    Get instant access to global news stories, and social media KPIs for your portfolio. Media monitoring enables you to make more informed business decisions.
  • 500K+ verified news sources
  • Filter historical news
  • View sentiment analysis
  • Let’s cut through the data overload
    Job monitoring

    Job monitoring

    Learn who they are hiring.

    Monitor recruiting activities of your competitors or partners. Gain valuable insight into thier strategic focus, future investments, and technologies.
  • Monitor recruiting activities
  • Filter historical job listings
  • Ready to get started?


    Evaluate financial health.

    View financials of public and private companies. Evaluate their financial health over the years and learn which metrics drive growth.
  • View income statements
  • View financial dashboards
  • Let’s cut through the data overload
    Market insights

    Market insights

    Benchmark market positions.

    Benchmark the market position of companies and see how they stack up against the competition by rankings, financials, and social media.
  • View rankings and benchmarks
  • Map the market position
  • Company network

    Connect the dots.

    Discover hidden relations between companies, people, and technologies for structural insights and prospecting.
  • View interactive graph
  • Analyze network structures
  • Let’s cut through the data overload

    Stay ahead of your competition.

    Stay ahead of your competition