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A powerful and innovative feature set

Comprehensive data

RUBINLAKE combines automated data acquisition with expert research in condensed form, enabling you to spend more time acting on intelligence. We gather every information firms need to stay ahead: news, financial reports, human capital, social media, and recruiting activities.

Industry benchmarking

Benchmark your market position and see exactly how you stack up against the competition by human capital, financial statements, or social media. Compare companies side-by-side. Easily identify opportunities and share them with your teams.

News monitoring

Monitor news with automated processes and stay up to date on your competition. RUBINLAKE collects automatically data from all news sites, making sure you know what the media says in real-time.

Social media monitoring

Find out how your partners and competitors perform on social media. With RUBINLAKE’s unified social media monitoring you can compare how channels develop over time. You can also compare the social media of different companies with one another.

Human capital analytics

Boost your talent acquisition analytics and recruiting efforts. Monitor your competitors' talent pools and recruiting activities in real-time across locations and hiring categories.

Trusted content

With our solution, you find data that matters within minutes. Relevant companies, financials, operating, and human capital metrics with always up-to-date data, thoroughly validated, and beautifully visualized available at a click.

Our focus

Analyzing markets across industries

Manufacturing & Logistics


Food & Beverage

It's made for you

Drive strategic decisions


Improve your business strategy with comprehensive knowledge about your competitors at a glance.


Increase acquisition and conversion rates with insights into what works and doesn’t work for your competitors.


Win more competitive deals with the latest content on your competitors and their business networks.


Inform your development process with up-to-date intel on your partners and competitors.


Track emerging trends. Identify new partners or acquisition targets with our advanced search.

Our vision

Actionable insights at any time

Data is the currency of business - and managing data with intelligence is essential for your business success. RUBINLAKE is a technology and advisory firm that leverages innovative technologies to empower decision-makers to gain a competitive advantage. Our goal No. 1 is to establish a footprint in modern market intelligence software.


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