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RUBINLAKE is a market intelligence platform. We offer you comprehensive insights about companies such as company relationships, news monitoring and benchmarking, which will boost your strategic advantage. Are you tired of manually gathering reliable information on your rivals or potential partners from various sources? RUBINLAKE has all the intel you need in order to make the right competitive decisions.

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The Challange

The need for market intelligence is real.

The main benefits of digitalization are cost savings, human error reductions, and growth. Many companies have already developed a digital transformation strategy, but they often fail. The reason is a lack of comprehensive overview of the market and insufficient assessment of customer needs, which results in unrealized investments. Currently, businesses have little insight into the movements of rivals and partners. With RUBINLAKE you can mitigate risks, navigate your strategy to success, and invest cleverly.


Of companies have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one.


Of IT projects are considered to be failures.


Of IoT projects are considered to be unsuccessful.


Is the average cost per failed IT project at an SME.

Our Features

Stop competing, start winning.

Company network

Discover relations between companies, people, technologies, and more for structural insights and prospecting.

Industry benchmarking

Benchmark your market position and see how you stack up against the competition by human capital, financials or social media.

News monitoring

Monitor news with RUBINLAKE’s automated real-time news gathering processes and stay up to date on your competition.

Social media monitoring

Find out how your partners and competitors perform on social media with RUBINLAKE’s unified social media monitoring.

Human capital analytics

Monitor your competitors' talent pools and recruiting activities to find out thier future investments and technologies.

Financial data monitoring

Compare how your competitors performed over the years with RUBINLAKE’s comprehensive financial analytics.

It's made for you

Drive strategic decisions.


Improve your business strategy with comprehensive knowledge about your competitors at a glance.


Increase acquisition and conversion rates with insights into what works and doesn’t work for your competitors.


Win more competitive deals with the latest content on your competitors and their business networks.


Inform your development process with up-to-date intel on your partners and competitors.


Track emerging trends. Identify new partners or acquisition targets with our advanced search.

Our Commitment

Trusted Insights.

RUBINLAKE is created and solely driven by its founders and does not entail any sponsored content or ads.


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Maxim Babarinow
Founder, CEO
Ralitsa Popova
Co-Founder, COO


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