Here's how RUBINLAKE works

RUBINLAKE brings data suppliers and data users together in a secure online platform.

Instead of locking all data away in silos behind walled gardens, scattered all over the place - facing legacy technologies, organizational regulations, data incompatibility and inconsistency - RUBINLAKE makes your data easy accessible. Organized, centralized and consistent for everyone who wants to build new products/services and/or to improve their internal efficiency.

Your RUBINLAKE Home screen gives you an overview of what is happening. Data users can re-use data from other companies and organizations by analyzing or exploring the data as a way to improve or develop their own business. Data suppliers can make data available to the global network, to a specific group of business partners or to their own organization.

The foundation of storing and organizing data with a similar thematic concept is a channel. Channels support all existing file formats and events, in order to provide high frequency data (e.g. measured values, geolocation of objects and people, announcements or alerts).

Turning data into knowledge
Supply data. Use data. Create value.

For Data Suppliers

Make data accessible, share it with other users, enable data economy
Generate new revenue streams, monetize data on the marketplace
Support innovations and establish partnerships with other companies

For Data Users

Develop new products/services and/or improve your internal efficiency
React directly to real-time file or event data
Integrate into business apps to create end-to-end solutions

Vertical Use Cases
Create cross-industry value.


Develop effective new business models by providing data back to the machine builders. Manage and monitor devices as a single system in real time. Improve operational efficiency, reduce repair costs and do maintenance proactively.

Smart Transportation

Collect, store and share telemetry from connected cars. Manage transportation and logistics networks intelligently to improve driving patterns and vehicle operation. Rethink how vehicles are maintained.


Supply your service provider with real-time weather and consumption data to improve wind farm performance. React directly to smart meter data, improve energy consumption or optimize trading algorithms based on electricity price volatility.

Public Sector

Supply open data to addresses a policy or societal needs. Promote free choice and help improve the everyday lives of citizens with data-driven products, apps, and content.

Enable data economy for your global network.


Create channels for similar thematic concepts and supply your users with files and events. All structured and unstructured data is stored for discoverability, instant consumption and querying by the network.


We help individuals and businesses turn data into revenue streams and enable a wealth of opportunities for various industries. Our payment process is intuitive and transparent (*Q4 2018).


RUBINLAKE’s full-text search engine provides a rich search and navigation experience. This makes it easy to find relevant channels. Use advanced search criteria filters and tags for additional visibility.


RUBINLAKE is built to scale, which helps you focus on work that matters to your business. As the data volume grows and application performance demands increase, RUBINLAKE uses automatic partitioning and load balancing technologies to meet your requirements.


We know that data is one of your most valuable assets. Therefore, RUBINLAKE preserves your data ownership and gives you total control over what data is collected and who can access it. RUBINLAKE integrates role-based access control that enables you to work collaboratively in your team and make data accessible to your network.


Security is our highest priority. RUBINLAKE protects data in transit with HTTPS and SSL. All data is encrypted on the server-side by using one of the strongest block ciphers available, a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). All user passwords are stored as a hash encrypted with bcrypt containing a 128-bit salt value.