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Strategic Advantage

Stay ahead of your competition.

Up to date knowledge of the competitive landscape is essential for the success of your product portfolio and for the choice of collaboration partners. RUBINLAKE is an intelligence platform for professionals who track and analyze dynamic markets on a regular basis. Discover new opportunities and potentials, manage threats to your business, and act with precision. RUBINLAKE is committed to helping you navigate steadily through volatility and uncertainty.

Our service

Let’s cut through the data overload.

RUBINLAKE brings efficiency and clarity with tools and services which collect, evaluate, and interpret information on markets. RUBINLAKE harmonizes all information about a company and creates a unified language across the organizational lifecycle. Fuel your competitive advantage with easily accessible, comprehensible and powerful knowledge, presented in interactive dashboards.

One centralized view

Transparency drives trust and credibility.

Market intelligence should be approached top-down and company-wide in order to be successful. Only up to date and coherent information can increase credibility. RUBINLAKE acts as a qualified authority that provides a centralized, transparent view of your market of interest. Increase and strengthen your strategic activities in product and portfolio management based on RUBINLAKE’s comprehensive and transparent data analysis.

How it works

Insights at your fingertips.

RUBINLAKE acquires information through a team of expert researches combined with a fully automated data collection engine to provide current insights. All information is normalized into a unified data model, transformed into knowledge with AI-based analysis, and presented in interactive dashboards. Our approach enables your data-driven decision making and provides you with actionable insights.

It's made for you

Drive strategic decisions.


Improve your business strategy with comprehensive knowledge about your competitors at a glance.


Increase acquisition and conversion rates with insights into what works and doesn’t work for your competitors.


Win more competitive deals with the latest content on your competitors and their business networks.


Inform your development process with up-to-date intel on your partners and competitors.


Track emerging trends. Identify new partners or acquisition targets with our advanced search.


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Maxim Babarinow
Founder, CEO
Ralitsa Popova
Co-Founder, COO


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