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Uncertain times demand more clarity

RUBINLAKE is an AI-driven intelligence platform for professionals to track competitors, partners, or customers. Discover new opportunities and potentials, manage threats to your business, and act with precision. RUBINLAKE is committed to helping clients navigate volatility and uncertainty in dynamic markets.

Our service

We cut through the information overload

RUBINLAKE is a market intelligence platform that brings efficiency and clarity for decision-makers. We provide a common language across markets and the organizational lifecycle. The RUBINLAKE technology keeps you ahead of the competition. Stop competing, start winning.

It's made for you

Drive strategic decisions


Improve your business strategy with comprehensive knowledge about your competitors at a glance.


Increase acquisition and conversion rates with insights into what works and doesn’t work for your competitors.


Win more competitive deals with the latest content on your competitors and their business networks.


Inform your development process with up-to-date intel on your partners and competitors.


Track emerging trends. Identify new partners or acquisition targets with our advanced search.


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