We are just getting started

Let`s experience this journey together.

We are continuously improving RUBINLAKE delivering a quality product on time. Our roadmap is a living document and it's likely that our priorities will change. Here we want you to give an insight into our future path and in the product strategy.


The idea of RUBINLAKE was born in the early 2016. Working at a consulting company and facing the difficulties of building smart services based on valuable data on a regular basis was an eye opener.
Q1 2016


After a lot of research, prototyping, evaluations and many sleepless nights in the course of two years, we finally released a beta of RUBINLAKE's web app and open API.
Q1 2018

Improve app

The launch of RUBINLAKE revealed the potential for various improvements. Therefore we are working on the web application right now, crafting a better customer experience.
Q2 2018


When we implement subscriptions, our customers will be able to find a plan that's right for them. RUBINLAKE will deliver recurring happiness with plans built for small and medium-sized businesses.
Q3 2018


Our goal is to enable data suppliers to create new revenue streams by monetizing data. This is why, our next big milestone is to launch an open marketplace integrated into RUBINLAKE.
Q3 2018

Data models

Data models will provide the possibility to model business domains and data semantics. This will be the foundation for the platform to deliver advanced data services.
Q4 2018


Our experience showed that data becomes even more valuable when it is aggregated, enriched, analyzed and thus delivering new insights. Therefore we developed a data management system that is a basis for the implementation of user-defined analytical services.
Q1 2019