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The idea of RUBINLAKE was born in the early 2016. Working at a consulting company and facing the difficulties of building smart services based on valuable data on a regular basis was an eye opener. Exchanging data within one company is hard, doing it between two different companies is even harder but trying between n-parties its nearly impossible. Data silos, legacy technologies, organizational regulations, data incompatibility and inconsistency are just some of the problems we are facing when building smart services. Our most shocking experience was when a client tried to provide data to a service provider via a not encrypted usb stick inside an envelope that got lost in the mail. This led to the vision of a seamless and accessible data network which would solve all of these problems, enabling fast solution developments and a data economy.
Q1 2016


After a lot of research, prototyping, evaluations and many sleepless nights in the course of two years, we finally released a beta of RUBINLAKE's web app and API. Data owners can ingest any amount of data into multiple channels on the platform. A channel is a collection of thematically similar contents of structured or unstructured data, either in the form of files or events. All provided data can be integrated seamlessly into the applications and services of data consumers or data owners themselves. We developed diverse methods like an open API, SDK and an web app for that. It is up to the users to choose the most convenient way for them.
Q1 2018


Our goal is to not only enable the fast and seamless data transfer and integration. We also want to support data owners to realize the monetary value and create new revenue streams out of their data. This is why, our next milestone is to launch an open marketplace integrated into RUBINLAKE, in the middle of 2018. Marketplace participants will be able to sell and buy data. We are now integrating credit card payments and many other methods are to follow. The marketplace is our solution to the difficulties data owners always experienced when they tried to monetize data and improve their ROI in the past.
Q3 2018


The blueprint model will provide the possibility to model business domains and data semantics. More information will be released in the next months.
Q4 2018


Our experience with data showed that it becomes even more valuable when it is aggregated, enriched, analyzed and thus delivering new insights. Therefore we developed a data management system that is a basis for the implementation of user-defined analytical services and visualizations of structured and unstructured data in the wake of the Big Data era. At the beginning of 2019, RUBINLAKE users will have the possibility to seamlessly analyze their data in RUBINLAKE.
Q1 2019